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EXP bug Dragon Valley


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1 hour ago, Warendo said:

L2wiki does not work for this server at all. L2wiki is for EU server which has different settings. For this server doesnt exist any public wiki.

Are u kidding me? U saw the video at least? I show how the monster in Cruma Tower give EXACTLY the same EXP points than the wiki says (even if they are using different rates, Royal Cave Servant ALWAYS should give more exp than Death Knight. If isn't, there is a bug. I don't understand why people justify all with "L2 wiki is for EU server, which has different settings". Yes, the DEV team said that because they don't want fix the Adena, Drop, and Spoil rates. But they didn't say anything about the EXP rate (i guess than should be x1), and if it is x1, and the Death Knight give the same EXP like the wiki, Royal Cave Servant should do it too. Stop justifying the unjustifiable.

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