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Clan Recruitment GreekArmy Giran Server


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International -Greek Army Clan level 3 with clan skills (6%) EXP recruiting English speaking/Greeks for cps.


Friendly active community with Discord and clan parties for exp every day, with a friendly environment and a lot of fun want to recruit people active with a progress. We are looking to make a clan that it will reach high and can participate in everything inside the server has to offer. We want people who can make progress every day to form cp's want to communicate with other clan members and want to contribute to the clan as the rest of our clan members. We are playing in Giran Server and If you are intrusted you are free to pm us in the following clan leader/sub-leader names:


FrankieWild (Sub-Leader)





-Progress with your char


-Microphone or Headset

-Take part in clan events

-Respectful attitude

-Willing to do what clan ask

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