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Error E01005 Can't Open L2 Client


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yesterday was doing normally xp when my client stop working after a few second's an "OK" press button came and i disconnected. When i tried to relog in nothing happens i was getting an error message. I tried to find answer's on forum when i realise that Log in page was dead for me but not for other's i tried different browser was the same problem then i tried with my phone and it was the same problem too and then i disable wifi and then i was able to get in on my account. After a 2 or 3 hour's website log in page was working again and i was able to manage my account again. I reinstall L2 client also made some step's that NCsoft support provide but nothing work i was thinking it might be anything with your server's or something. After 8 hour's still the same problem is anybody who dealing with the same problem ?


Error message is:

[Data Error] Could not connect to the update server.

Please restart the Launcher. If this problem persists contact

Costumer Support at http://us.ncsoft.com/en/support/.





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