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AsunaArt    2

Ladies and gentlemen, I've been observing that the classic server day after day has been dropping
 the amount of players mainly the Aden server. I think this is due to the fact that the administration
 does not understand that the rate xp, adena, drops should be retail after all, the game is designed to be 1x.
 it's not because the game is free to play that you should not take that care. this is only favoring who uses
 BOT and who is adena sellers. this is very difficult to buy soushots and equip, we all work, I believe that
 most of the players here are no longer children, in fact they are people already adult. you need to understand
 your audience. the game is already old. I believe that more than 1000 people have stopped playing only in Aden. 
you have other ways of making a profit in the store. please NCSOFT NA. do not destroy this game, please 
reconcile these rates and put them retail. because the tendency is you lose more and more players, consequently investors of the game. think carefully.

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Devoid    122

What you seem to be incapable of understanding is that we are playing F2P 1x, just like everyone else (Japan, Taiwan). We just have less VIP levels and nerfed VIP bonuses in general.

There is also a completely separate build for P2P 1x, the key difference being that those rates are only allowed in servers where every account is billed via a subscription plan.

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Cally    20

I think I'm fine so far with the xp/drop/adena rates atm.....
My biggest problem is, I can't hunt because of the bots.

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Noviscki    8

BOTs and rate adena above 40-45 are a total mess. This is ruining everything. But i hope they will fix this anytime soon, i'll keep playing for 2 or 3 months if things are not fixed. i'm giving them time and not complaining, i don't wanna be on the leavers statistics. I love this game and it's an official classic server, make it good and proud NCSoft please!

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