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Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

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On 12/12/2018 at 9:40 AM, Argus said:

"NCsoft must hire many more devs with true pvp knowledge in order to make changes, NCsoft must lower prices in L2Store - like 75% off on some items, NCsoft must remove the casino/enchantment aspect of the game so many many players have the chance to become competitive in pve/pvp .. but as you know no1 cares for so many years".

No. This game not have any video optimization. If in area more than 50 people - simple - can't move. So which pvp can be? In my opinion developers go in easiest way - big l2store price - less problems with lags. I was waiting when finish this lags event Oriana... And "welcome" they put "christmas trees" for more lags... Very "smart".

On 12/12/2018 at 9:40 AM, Argus said:



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