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Shuffle LF Players for Main CP (Gludio)


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We are 4 active players atm on Gludio Server (Sorcerer 40, Necromancer 40, Bishop 45 and 1 active Song or BD, both leveling atm to be active in CP).

Actually we were about 15 players but all of them stopped to play.

We are looking for active players on following classes for Mage CP:

- Overlord

- Sword Singer or Blade Dancer (1 of us will play the class that is missing).

- Elven Elder

- Shillien Elder

- Warlord or Tank

- Mage (Sorcerer or Necromancer).

Actually we have all classes in other boxes but we are looking for active players to play on these classes to form a full CP for Leveling/Clan Wars/Siege.

We use to play everyday about 7 pm (GMT - 3).

We are also recruiting full cp's or solo players of other classes to form a second party (Probabily a physical damage party).

We also considerer alliance to fight against BR zergs.

Please contact Dopamine, Ferros, EIGRP or Pradorc in game or access our discord on the time disclosed above to talk with us.
Discord: https://discord.gg/6WpKNNU

See ya,


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