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Prelude to War


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5 hours ago, Vexi said:

Can you say please about what improvements are you talking on those classes and also how do you think they will affect future gameplay for them, ty in advance.

google translate:


ISS changes:


The other classes:


there's more there but doubt we will get everything there any time soon..

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Today there was a major update in Korea, with a new daily one-hour instance on the Isle of Souls that costs an entry fee of 150,000 adena for players of lvl 107~120, with monsters of lvl 112. The duration of the instance can be extended in hourly intervals to a maximum of 6 hours with a Time Recharge Stone.

In Antharas' Lair the new Boss Ishika appears twice per week at 22:00, with the spawn area becoming a battle ground like during sieges. Last hit party resp. Command Channel gets the looting rights.

Dragon Valley gets upgraded to lvl 119~120, all old monsters there and in Antharas' Lair, including Antharas herself, are being removed.

Expand Invetory, Expand Trade etc. are now skills which are learned at lvl 20. The old Expand Inventory that was paid for is being removed, the expended adena is returned to the character.

Patch notes:


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It was more an accident. The entrance tunnel to Antharas' Lair has collapsed. So far rescue teams have not yet penetrated to the inner part to verify the well-being or otherwise of the Land Dragon. Possibly Antharas got killed and eaten by Ishika, whom you can reach magically each Wednesday and Thursday :D

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I would say that Fafurion/Prelude to War update is not viable, planned for the NCWest...

In Fafurion the requirement for equipment has multiplied a lot in order to do anything.

In Prelude of War every player basically got a bounty on their head.

The server is not ready for this.

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if you look at it from a gameplay point of view, you are certainly right.

Then there is the financial aspect. NCWest is generating its revenue by fostering inequality. Fafurion will certainly increase the gap between the Haves and the Have Nots - only very few players will be able to hunt in the new areas, and those few will get there equipment that will put them even more ahead of the majority on the server, who will sooner or later quit in despair. On the other hand, the new Cursed Sword mechanics will lead to a mass quit anyway. After a few weeks only a few dozen top players will be left, and their bots at the Fairy Settlement etc. (the Cursed Swords are only dropped by characters of lvl 95 and above, so Ertheia bots are not a target). But since most of NCWest's revenue is coming from precisely those top players, Juji probably won't notice much of a difference on his spreadsheet. If anything, because of the great reduction in player numbers the servers will run more stable :D

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that's only true for Fafurion update, Prelude of War contains alot of stuff for the lower levels and less stacked players like new hunting areas for 103+ and improved AOE spots even for Warlords and more solo spots etc etc

this is most likely also why NCWest is getting a combined update so there is going to be new stuff for everyone instead of only the top end game players

my only complaint there is the lack of communication on this and the fact we're about to get once again 3 updates behind with everyone else..

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On 6. 2. 2019 at 10:44 PM, Draecke said:

4r4mToday at 11:00 AM

NCJP confirmed that Prelude of War update will be released at February 27. They also mention two things:

- Amount number of clan members will be reduced as in Korea from 229 to 87
- Dimensional Sieges will be focussed on Aden castle only 


source 4r4m discord channel: https://discord.gg/NFX3Gut

Can you point me to the update where this change about clan is written? I am trying to find it in every update from 12.12.2018 to 27.2.2019, no luck so far, i must be blind :)

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that will happen in the next update so not part of what we get 15th May but the one after

think it even changes the dragon weapon fragments but note that those do not have any skills / attributes etc. just relative high patt/matt but nothing else

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Does anyone know what will be the cost in making krishna weapon in enchanted version? because i have r99 wepon and i can upgrade it to krishna but i dont know how much it will cost me to make it enchanted.

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