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[Talking Island] Vigilance EU alliance


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Well, hello there.. Seems like noone wants to fight BR this time since they got a zerg, am I right? I and my party will do a try to organize an alliance so we can kick few BR asses on the server and create some action on it.
So, Vigilance recruiting groups of 5 people+ to join our clan, if you're BR don't even try to, mostly looking for EU people/parties and 45+ lvls. If you're interesting of that, I challenge you to give it a try, pm or mail me in game "SoiL (I prefer mails cause I may miss the pms).


That was our last siege in club server as Dark Legion alliance, leading party Honor cp. 

P.S Not just BR's are not welcome, if you're a p**ssy as well don't give it a try, you can go kill mobs.

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