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Best place to farm with Spoil

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Keep leveling in AOE, if you have POLE better ,try to heal yourself with a PP or better an ORC that cast the buff, until you get lvl 32, after that, go to windy hill, i dont recommend you ant nest, is full of botters most of the time, same in forgotten temple

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By mob level 30 there's not really many good mobs to spoil that aren't camped 24/7 by bot crews, at least in the level 30-40 range, except for the mob @majula mentioned and the bots don't like messing with it because it's a "Very High HP" mob that usually spawns with other "Very High HP" mobs and ranged aggro mobs.

Any of the other mobs that aren't botted 24/7 don't have a decent enough spoil rate to bother with, you can spoil more mats with a lower level deleveled scavenger.


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