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Friend / Team Member to Win the game (Giran server)

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Good Evening Ladies & Gents,

Looking for casual team players to exp and build gears - preferably Solo players who can run at least 2 boxes (not mandatory, but able to). Myself I'm from UK

Gaming hours are:

18:00 - 23:00 (Monday to Wednesday)
18:00 - 02:00 (Friday)
Any time of day on Saturday
Any time of day on Sunday (Finishing 22:00)

Phantom Ranger with +5 STR Dyes, Akat +4 bow, moon heavy, D top jewels - Level 43 (VIP 4)
Prophet - Level 37 (VIP 0)
Store Character

I'm not really interested to create CP or CLAN - to avoid pointless dramas & arguments. Mostly focused on game economy and try to get as close to end game as possible. I'm okay to help gear others, give free exp if they have to be afk, I have knowledge of raids and how to run successful raid command channels - for later on incase we are in need of raids. 

Private message me on forums or ingame character "Rahuel

PS: I might create an Private clan for  us (once i see some people being interested) - to use clan warehouse to show what materials we have, so we could craft gears - however will need discuss with you first.

My some of achievements:

Yesterday farming 7 hours
Today farmed probably around 11 Hours
last Saturday farmed about 17 Hours (very lonely day - My gf was at work)
Last sunday probably 10-11 Hours
Monday -Friday I try to maximise between 2-3 hours of farming (but now since i got akat and my PP is below 40 (critbuff), it's difficult, cause i need to find spots where i can farm into profits.



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1. Not interested in Drama queens, as mentioned previously - I'm not interested in clans, neither in CP's. If we build ourselves into stage that we are in need one - will figure out something at that time, but i dont need internal "ideas", we should join these guys cause they do Ant queen everyday, or their clan has 99% online players.

2. Efficiency, if we exp in group, we have to understand that soulshots costs, we cant farm all places and sometimes it's required to split adena by 75/25 (if area has low adena drop rate) - We need to figure out what we need, do we need adena farm or exp farm, or gears, mats. Cant do all functions at the same time.

3. No free loaders or plz adena type people, sometimes its smarter to stay lower levels, instead rushing to max level. This is my first classic game and i just realized how bad it was to rush into level 41 with buffer being on 1st profession.

4. Pick a class YOU WANT TO PLAY and pick a class to support your self, I would like to avoid players who cant decide what to play and end up having 4-5 different classes all low levels. By support yourself, if something happens, you can still continue exping and not fall behind or exp other team members if main buffer is afk.

5. Dont expect me to know everything about the game, if you have idea - Share it, lets analyze and test.

6. Priorities, if you are looking for Fame and Glory, you are in wrong place. its nice to have it, but me personally, it's not priority :)

7.NO BOTTING or any other 3rd party software - ZERO TOLERANCE - I dont bot, neither should you. There are other ways to make adena and as mentioned previously, exp is not most important.

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