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DH CP LF DD 102+


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Our CP looking for:

DD (Feoh or Archer)

Lvl 102+
Minimum requirements:
+10 r99 blessed/bloody/dark set
+12 Bloody/Dark weapon
Abundance lvl 1
Anakim Tali
+7 pve/pvp/def cloak
Brooch jewels lvl 3 (sapph/ruby, diamond, obsidian, etc)
Basic epic jewerly (soul aq, soul baium etc.)

Mandatory :
Active in Clan/CP Events
English Speaking
Playtime 21:00-00:00 GMT+2/Wednesday and Sutterday Free days
Not emo kid
No trash talk
Respect to leadership/cp members/clan members

For more info pm/mail me or Beltway/ChillOut (ingame or forum)

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