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Bot penalty suggestions, what do you think?


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Penalty 1 = debuff 24 hours that puts all your stats even speed on 0 and unable you to trade or drop items, locking your inventory, but not banning you

Penalty 2 = debuff 1 month

Penalty 3 = debuff 1 year


Each week any GM will launch a massive Captcha to complete to all the characters logged in in the server, this could be in any hour, 1 time per week, this mean, if someone is botting and is AFK will get the debuff for not complete the captcha, that means too, people that arent in the cities will get the debuff, but people that are in the cities wont get the debuff


Report buttom will dissapear, and server will have an automatic way to report everyone, and if them dont complete the captcha, RIP


this mean too, no one can be AFK, if they plain to do that, they should to restart the game or loggout, saving 1 slot of the server to dont let the other people fall in QUEUE


This method will erase too the Boss lvl 1 characters campers of raid boss


What do you think guys? this is the solution against bots, gonna ban wave all

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I think it's a bad solution. One part that people don't realize is you can always make another account to bot on with the f2p model. But you neglected out of town afk shops. Although a small population, you're taking away that aspect of the game for those people. I don't think the queue is s problem on any servers right now, tho I am VIP.

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