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  1. omg oly isnt self buff anymore XDDD oh its sux... Thanks for explanation it helped
  2. Hi just started in classic "Giran Server" the last time i played lineage 2 was in gracia final and it was along time ago i thought the classic version will be like the old game we all loved but its kind of a different game i used to play XDD alot of new buttons in UI and alot of new slots in inventory . i have some question if somebody can anwser ill appreciate it 1: Prophet or warcryer for window buff? for treasure hunter (or full buff setup for melee character) i thought treasure hunter /PP/BD/CE and maybe SWS 2: how can i get more soulshots now ??(only from coupons?)
  3. Hi guys wanted some Lineage 2 nostalgia and started to play in classic giran server ,its not the classic that i expected but atleast They did not change the "Lineage Combat sound and the game music" that i wanted to hear so much again! i started a youtube channel and wanted to make my first videos about one of the favorite childhood mmorpg games that i played back then and loved so much. if somebody is intrested you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URn4jBm0-5oim stil just starting out so pardon me and my bad english. i also wanted to ask what you guys thi
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