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  1. I took a break from the servers over the weekend waiting for patch day to see some progress be made, and instead what I got was a slap in the face. Looks like I will not be returning to the NA classic servers which is a shame because this has always been my all time favorite game. I never expected an official NCwest server to be so poorly ran and managed. Sadly it seems like it was just an easy way to make a quick buck off loyal nostalgic fans.

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  2. On 11/14/2018 at 10:31 AM, Nef said:

    I literally see the same person sitting by a gatekeeper for weeks, that has a store with a website to buy adena. So...forgive me if I don't believe you ban bots :/ In the next few months, 90% of the server population will just be bots, as real players are dropping off.

    And that same shop is still there, there's literally zero effort put into dealing with the adena sales and or bots.

  3. 7 hours ago, Hime said:

    Some additional clarity:

    Free to Player service and Pay to Play service have different rates. This is true for all regions. We didn't reinvent the wheel on rates. The first rate scaling issue were based on rates from another region that we did not approve. They were lower than what we intended and we've adjusted them to approximately twice the rate they were at. That puts us now on par with other free to play region rates.

    Now we're on our next issue about the rates scaling. Of course what works from other free to play regions doesn't necessarily mean it works for us here so we got adjusted rates for a few Lv. 40+ zones that had scaling issues. Based on your feedback, there are more that needs to be considered. We're in constant discussions with our dev team and this is a priority issue.

    Yes, you already said that, but why? Why do we have have a watered down version of Lineage 2 just because it's free to play? I think the players would appreciate a little more transparency from our "Community Managers" instead of these scripted PR responses. Not to mention that all the '"feedback" I've seen on the forums since the server launched regarding adena scaling, adena drops in certain areas and spoil rates have not been addressed in any of the areas that have been mentioned. There was literal video evidence posted on this very forum about the abysmal spoil rates and was acknowledged by Juji himself, and still not a single thing has been done to address those issues. And unfortunately the person who made that post has since rerolled to something more useful.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Hime said:

    As you know our rates are different from other versions of the game because we are free to play.

    That's an extremely interesting policy... So basically the NA classic servers are just a cash grab because you well know that you stand to gain more money from NCoin purchases people will make to maintain VIP and other consumables than you would with a basic subscription model? I paid monthly subscriptions for many years on this game before they went free to play, hell, I still even have my physical copy of Lineage 2. So in my eyes I have paid my dues so to speak, but to know we are getting a watered down experience because the servers of a fourteen year old game are free to play is extremely disheartening to hear from a loyal fan since the beginning.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Rhylix said:

    I am sure this thread will be full of haters momentarily lol, but I am wondering if the Lineage 2 Community as a whole is missing something rather huge imho and am just curious what other people here think.  When NCsoft announced they were putting up "Hardcore Lineage 2 Classic servers" I was thrilled.  I expected servers with a 1x rate on everything - grinding for days just to get a level, spoiling for days just to get the recipe you were trying for - Hardcore.  I hate all the bots and adena sellers as much as the next guy, and the rates for 40+ mobs very well may be pooched atm, but I don't think that is the real problem here.  I truly believe where NCsoft has dropped the ball is all the extra XP boosts.  Think about this for a moment - because of all the extra XP - including the Halloween Event - players have leveled up so fast that they don't have the adena for gear or teleporting or shots.  If you leveled up a character using only clan XP and party XP - you would then have farmed up enough adena for everything because you would have leveled up MUCH slower.  I realize players want to hit 60+ NOW, but that is NOT a hardcore server at all.  You can currently get a character up to level 20 in an afternoon - again, that is NOT hardcore.  Yes, it would take you say 3, maybe 4 days, maybe a week if you don't have time to play often, to hit level 20 without all the extra XP but, you would have farmed enough adena in that time to buy whatever gear you needed and, it would also give huge incentive to join a clan.  Lastly, by giving all this extra XP and allowing players to level so fast, players are now farming areas that were not intended to be ready until further updates forcing NCsoft to do major updates on both mobs and areas ahead of schedule just to make a few super high level players happy.  This is just my opinion, but am curious what others think.

    Even on a VIP0 account using minimal to no exp boosts and leveling two characters to lvl40 at the same time hasn't netted me anymore adena than anyone else. I understand the point you're trying to make but that's just not the case here. The issue isn't with leveling too fast, it's an actual problem with the adena rates and drop rates in general for some areas at least, and whether that's by design remains to be seen.

  6. I mean they are just "Community Managers" after all so they probably have zero power in what actually gets done. Which is why we'll never get a real response from them other than the ones they're told to say, because they simply don't have any answers to give. They're just puppets who do and say as they're told and that's about it.

    As for the people threatening to refund, good luck with that. You paid for NCoins and received them, there's a reason why they don't sell VIP status outright because they don't want to owe you anything. So as soon as you received your NCoins that's where it ends for them, they're no longer responsible. VIP status is just their way of making sure money continually flows in via NCoin purchases. You guys have been bamboozled.


  7. 1 minute ago, Lawman said:

    Sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying, probably because you are raising it now when the event is well under way.  The Halloween event is three weeks long.  By your reckoning it should have only lasted a week.  Very few of their events last only a week.  My problem is that they shouldn't have had an event at all that encouraged people to stand around waiting for the 4 hours to be up so they could get their reward, at least while the queue problem persists.

    Well that was my initial concern when they first announced it, and it's only made worse by the fact that some people have gotten multiple weapons from the event and pushed them straight into C grade gear, which is a huge jump at this point in the server.

  8. 5 minutes ago, FatHips said:

    my VIP 4 accounts sat in a queue of 600 on the weekend for about an hour.  This is unacceptable while free accounts are in the game.  Competely unacceptable

    Don't VIPs have their own separate queue? It's only gotten to that point because NCSoft forced everyone's hand into getting VIP because of the atrocious 12 hour queue times that plagued us a couple weeks ago. Now that there are thousands of VIP accounts now, yeah there's going to be a bit of a wait for all the VIPs, I'd much rather sit in a 600 VIP queue than the 1200 f2p queue, pick your poison.

  9. 3 minutes ago, xHaseo said:

    With all the issues you guys created in even less than 1 month of game...having a potion to help us level up and sligthy increase our stat was quite a fair 'compensation' since it was 'for halloween only'. 



    This is how I was feeling, with all the time spent in queue over the last month, I felt like I was finally able to make some progress. And now they wanna kill that ASAP.

  10. It's a little concerning to me that there seems to be a general lack in intelligence or foresight over at NCWest. First you have to adjust the event monster spawn time from 15-30 mins to 12 hours to combat the number of AFK accounts just sitting there. Then two weeks later you add an event with even better prizes that encourages that very same behavior, wheres the logic in that?

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