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  1. ~Fractions ~Quests like old times to gain ench. skills books, exp boosters, scrolls, and much more. ~More instances to play in party / solo
  2. Why? To see again same people scamming chests from others? Same ones using bot programs logging tons of bots / cameras? You want a server full of lags? Not more greedy chests please! Never more!
  3. This is a joke!!! The server is full really full of greedy bots and legit players need wait 1h before enter in game?????? Stop your stupid gifts and fix this game, starting to change the greedy chests system. Melee lags back! Thanks bots!!!
  4. Hi, for pve I use only right sidestep, no need more.
  5. France, no VPN. - Still multiple dc (Ketra). - Melee lag is better but not perfect, still lagging by moments.
  6. France No Everytime melee lags Everywhere Eviscerator
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