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  1. I dont know if the answer for this question its mathematicaly imposible to renponse, but... maybe i can get my answer in forum.


    Walterio Monday at 14:43

    I read in section 8 ii) of rules that power lvl its prohibited. Now lets say we have this:

    1) two chracters of diferent accounts, one lvl 100 and other low lvl (lvl 20, 40, 60), not in party, where lvl 100 toon agro mobs while low level kill them.

    2) same config but this time in party, where lvl 100 kill mobs so the low lvl toon complete quest requeriments.

    3) 2 toons, 15 level of diference (lets say 100 and 85) in party, killing mobs or just one of them killing.

    What do you considere power lvl?? 1? 2? 3? Everyone?



    GM #### Monday at 23:55

    Hello Walter,

    Thanks for contacting Lineage 2 Support Team. Based on the information that you have provided in your ticket, it is not clear what issue you may be experiencing. Please respond with a bit more detail if possible, and we can continue our investigation from there.

    We look forward to your reply!


    GM ####
    NCSOFT Support Team


    Walterio Tuesday at 08:48

    Recently i get banned in one of my accounts. In the ticket they said "use of thirdth party programs" but i didnt use any program. 
    When i ask the name of the program to see if i have it installed, GMs just responde "the account is closed, we cant give u mire info"... So, now i still dont know what i have done. Just i know i did power lvl, but i didnt know it was prohibited (i see ppl selling power lvl for adena in the game all the times). 
    Now i wanna know what u considere pwr lvl, cause i dont want to get bann again and one of the things we, users, make accounts with diferent toons is to support other toons. So im a little bit confused.

    Let me tell u that i dont want restore the account. This is not a ticket to get the account back. Its just to cleariefy what i can do.


    GM #### Wednesday at 00:54

    I would be happy to assist you with your concern. However before we proceed, we would need to verify your account first. Please provide as much of the below information as possible.
    • What is the account in question?
    • List all possible emails that you would have used on the NC Account.
    • Billing information: If activated using a credit/debit card, please provide the last 4 digits of the credit card used ONLY. If activated using PayPal®, please provide the Transaction ID or the Invoice ID associated with the original activation purchase. If you have an Order ID number from a previous purchase on your NC Account, please provide that as well. 
    • Provide location (City and Country) at the time of account creation.
    • What date of birth did you use when you created the account?
    If the information you provided is not sufficient, we will be requesting for additional information in order to investigate your issue further.
    I look forward to your reply.


    NCSOFT Support Team


    Walterio Wednesday at 11:08

    What??? Why you need any information?? Are you a machine or human been??

    I asked a simple question. If its not the right type of ticket, tell me and i will answer in the proper way...

    Im spectinh somethibg like "we consider that pwr lvl is when....." nothing more.


    GM #### Yesterday at 03:47


    We apologize if our response was not the answer you were expecting. At this point we would just like to clarify about your concern "pwr lvl". We would like to clarify if it's a character or a 3rd party program. If it's a 3rd party program, we would highly advise against using it.  


    NCSOFT Support Team


    Walterio Yesterday at 11:04

    Im talking about characters, all time.

    When i did power lvl was with 2 characters of mine. Thats way i give you 3 options to tell me what you consider pwr lvl.

    Obviusly, using external programs it prohibited. All users knows that.

    But in this case ncsoft accuse me to use a 3th party program, when i just use characters.

    So this is my point: 
    * Using external programs is prohibited. Was not my case. Thats out of discution. 
    * agro mob with a character lvl 100, so a character lvl 20 (not in party) could kill then, is considered POWER LVL?? That action is prohibited?


    GM #### Today at 06:03


    Unfortunately, we are unable to comment a specific information about the incident occurred. However, in order for us to further look into this, please provide the previously requested information or provide a reference ticket if you already contacted us before relating to the account in question.

    Thanks for understanding and we look forward to your reply.


    NCSOFT Support Team


    Walterio Today at 10:49

    This awkward....

    I dont want to know any information.

    Its a simple question: what does NCSOFT understand for Power Level?

    Its just a question.


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