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  1. 59 minutes ago, Norbit said:

    Ok i can respect this. After reading and discussing this thread it seems like its the disrespect is what majority dont like. Just know that its no possible way anyone can stp the smack talk between nova and us. I just dont see that stopping.  But all the other clans we can work on that. Now that doesnt mean its gonna stop. But i can start the process and hopwfully some others will follow. I really didnt understand all the hate we recieve. Thats y i posed my questions. But i understand now. For me its easy to say GF and keep it moving. Cause i been on the other side of the spectrum.  See guys at the core of our team our guys r really cool peeps.  We just got some people who instead of thinking their thoughts and planning they speak their thoughts. Not my method but we xant say how a person in a game should conduct himself. But at least now mostly everyone can see how the server feels twards us. And its comming from a real conversation and not everyone just gping back n forth. Maybe some on both teams will take notice and tone it down. But new clan NEED TO START SOME SHYT. Get the lower member clans i to the fight. It will motivate more player activity. The reason the server is dying is xause everyone is lvling and talking. No one is competing. Lets stop talking, HAVE SOME GF,S, and enjoy our game again. I been waiting to fight pope with rhat weapon he have just to see if i can even take the hits. Wont get a chance if we dont get back to soing what we do. My opinion.

    See you have level headed replies, which people respect. Then on the flip side of that you have jink. People don't respect your newer more loud members, which I'm sure they don't care about. 

    How does changing name to flashed, along with icons and pretending to be an old Nova leader help in any way? You guys talk about toxic... Lol. 

    You said you want pvp but do nothing to encourage it, you think parking a ms nuker in xp parties will make people cave? 

    You may be one of the few people in ms that says gf and moves along, have you read hero shout? Lol

    When Ms was small they weren't looking for pvp, they fished didn't xp and if they did a 7v7 they'd bsoe if losing, why should anyone give you pvp, because you're bored??? 

    Jink saying basically you've made your bed, that goes both ways.

    If you guys want legit 7v7 and get some good pvps going I've said what needs to happen, but like I've said you guys don't want legit pvp and your replies Continue to prove it. 

  2. I have already stated what I want to do. I want to do 7v7, that has nothing to do with you, or choco on scoobz running through xp parties.

    Do you want 7v7 yes or no? 

    The only reason you went light was to protect your 15 xp parties, that are now gone. Don't try to kid yourself.

  3. I agree MS has to recruit to compete with nova. Do I feel they needed to continue to recruit (as well as poach NOVA members, as they are still doing) no I don't. Simply put I don't care what you guys do. You bored most of nova off the server by not pvping, and fishing to 105. 

    This is a dying game, there is no point for a clan with 2 cps to try and fight a clan with what? Fifteen. You guys can bicker and banter about how MS is so much better then nova fine, you guys just became the new nova but you are too dumb to see that.

    You have your own members crying to US that they don't agree with the recruit everyone policy.

    I have said this multiple times, but you guys simply don't want to do it. Drop wars, we can do 7v7's again, you want to bully and have the war up so your solo gankers (Choco on scoobz, and weiner) can have someone to gank. You guys don't xp, as we can see by running through sos. When there is an xp event you have 10 parties going, fully afk, and you go to a light castle.. How does going to a light castle promote pvp?

    And on a final point to call you guys out for being so smart. Does anyone remember when MS wouldnt pvp if pepp was there? Mutchy members, it was only when you guys got truffle geared up that you started to fight. Stop crying, NOVA is using tactics that you guys started.

    TLDR: Want pvp?  Drop wars and start doing 7v7's

  4. There's a lot to this story, but some of it is being left out.

    1. Nova dominated the server, had the biggest zerg.

    2. MS did indeed yes have two parties, what they aren't openly telling people is this. They sieged, yes. They dropped all wars and stopped attempting to even xp, they fished to 105. This made MANY of the top nova players quit. 

    3. MS was so desperate to topple NOVA, which they did partially because of truffle one shotting everyone, every time, and partially due to people getting bored and quitting that they mass recruited anyone, from both servers.

    4. Most of the people in MS now weren't even around for this, so they have no idea, they jumped ship joined the top dog and want pvp.

    5. MS is getting frustrated due to lack of pvp, boring sieges. Guess what else isn't fun? Having two decent parties, and fighting 5, then having another 5 port in on top of you. Why waste my time? You guys say you want pvp, say you want sieges. Every, single, time i have ever fought ms this is what happens. We win, you rebuild, log all your top players trade gear for half an hour then say lets go again. You only fight when the advantage is in your court, even in sieges, one party is fighting one of ours and you don't let the fight happen. You port three additional parties.

    The only way to get rid of the ms zerg? Simple. Stop engaging them, stop pvping them, stop sieging, ignore them. They will get bored of having all this gear and nothing to do and will try to form up another side, or simply will quit. It is already happening, if you guys could see the PMS from MS members you'd laugh (No I don't share PMS because I am not a 13 year old girl like choco).

    P.S I am a horrible L2 player and bad at every aspect of this game, and I am a nobody. <Just to get the next 13 MS replies out of the way>

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