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  1. NA clan seeking new players! Any new players looking for a crew to roll with? Lvl 1 - 40 is our range right now. Contact me here! Thank you.
  2. Yes but in comparison there is only one legit official english L2 server that can be considered “not pay to win.” That is EU classic Skelth. Is it worth promoting? For the players who are skilled and appreciate the idea of actually playing a game and earning their victories, yes it is. The Credit Card sociopaths are the epitome of feeble minded.
  3. Wrong again. Company Details Innova Co. S.à r.l. 16 RUE ERASME, L-1468 Luxembourg Company registration number: B 156.444 VAT number: LU 24513529 https://www.editus.lu/de/innova-co-s-a-r-l-luxembourg-1522908
  4. The company is located in Luxembourg. They host EU and RU servers. You don't now. =/
  5. EU classic will be around a while. There are enough people playing it with room to grow. EU classic has way more to offer than RU with a diverse population that welcomes players from all over.
  6. There is no Iss there. Pre GoD support classes. I assume that is what you meant though. Go go! Let us play real L2! Leave the Credit card sociopaths behind!
  7. If only there were less sociopaths here and more normal folks like us.
  8. Moving to classic official server. If interested message me here on the forums. There is no point playing here. It is not a game any longer. It is a casino. This thread will probably get removed but if I can get people who love Lineage II to play an actual L2 server it is worth the try. EU official classic server is awesome. Just like the old days. Your time and effort brings rewards. Not your credit card. GL all
  9. Unfortunately, yes. It is a love hate relationship.
  10. You will work with the dev team on raid boss exploits but you wont work with the dev team and refund players on losing +10 or higher enchants after salvation patch released that cost adena/nccoin = real life currency which is theft.
  11. You can't argue the facts but you will attempt and express the idea that I always have the intention to be hiding? I never have been trying to hide from the fallacious rhetoric that all the PvP scripters (former yet dis-credible) cling to when they hit a wall of legitimate opposition. You don't know much about WoTn/Shinyiu. I suggest you refer to the substantiated proof provided in the thread and you will find that there is no way you can validate an opposing view which may hold any integrity. All you can really do is look bad. All credit card, no brain.
  12. You try so hard... =/ ...reminds me of when you said to Destijil one time "You have never killed me."
  13. Talking Island? LOL, Elven Ruins does not exist any longer. Hahahahahhahahaha All credit card. No brain.
  14. Can't argue the screenshot. All credit card. No brains. Get rekt scrub.
  15. Truffle = All credit card & no brain... https://imgur.com/v4ZXCIl
  16. If this is caused when you start up Lineage II or after update you can also submit support ticket to ncsoft for assistance.
  17. Your description below your stream is hilarious. Haha!
  18. Should be epic as always!
  19. This is not public shaming. It is a post inquiring a follow up from another player. Check the section you're in.
  20. Thanks for your support. I am no care bear just wanted a real approach publicized.
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