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  1. are you on the island at the very north? Did you go all the way down the spiral?
  2. are you positive you're in the right spot? "Master Toma likes to wander around Dwarven Island, exploring the area. He can be in one of the three locations: 1) The North entrance of the Mythril mines 2) Bottom of the spiral staircase, coming from the North entrance of the Coal Mines 3) On a small island off the North shore .(Beware of some high level lizardmen around that area)"
  3. He has tried, does not work. Been several days and has not heard back yet.
  4. @Hime He sent the email 2 days ago and has not received a reply back.
  5. Hi, A friend ishaving difficulty logging into all three of his accounts after purchasing a launch pack. Already tried leaching browser history, cache, different computers, different IP. Here is the error.. Thank you in advance
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