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  1. Nova PvP Videos

    Three videos Pope's recording of xSpawn attempt to gank. Bad quality but good pvp DIM Siege Highlights 9/23/2018 Nova Field PvP against MS Fun PvP's guys, more to come soon.
  2. Nova PvP 3

    Enjoy Was fun PvP, hopefully more later. DIM siege was insane PvP from both MS/Nova side, sadly my recording did not catch the last hour of Rune PvP/Giran PvP. Hopefully next time!
  3. Nova PvP Video 2

    Nova vs Morningstar PvP at HB/AF/EV/Blackbird/Giran Castle No Disrespect to anyone, just some fun pvp's in the war.
  4. Nova PvP Video

    PvP against MS/PVE Fun Times (No disrespect, PvP keeps the game going, hopefully we get more)