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  1. https://discord.gg/QXKRvx3 come join us and win!!!
  2. i think if u put more then 3 accounts on the same cc it triggers something
  3. come talking island instead and roll with fearless
  4. as they should be me and my friends just dont want to be wrecked by the situation
  5. yea thats cool but we only gonna have 6 for our 3 comps...i just didnt know if we had 6 log ins so fast from a same ip would we get merked lol
  6. i get that but its 3 of us with our mains and our box
  7. aye I figured i would get someone who would respond like this I am asking a serious question....me and my friends in a dorm game dude...we each want our own char and a single box...its not like we are gonna have 20 accounts its a main and a buffer each so that way if we cant have more then 3 on an ip we would draw straws at whos playing support...but go ahead and say what u want
  8. @Hime @Juji hello I have a serious question ...I have a few room mates we all have our own computers and all game together..If all 3 of us are each running a 1 char and 1 box which leads to 6 accounts will that trigger anything bad to happen to us? We all use the same Ip just different comps. Would it be safer or legal for us to use a proxie so we do not trigger some crazy IP ban? Serious question we do not want to buy stuff and then get banned for a misunderstanding
  9. @Hime if we play behind a vpn will that be a problem?
  10. COOL clan leader chill people this clan is the way to go for fun
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