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  1. This is wonderful to hear! Especially in regards to spoil rates and broken xp of mobs. Thanks Hime and company!
  2. As someone who planned on maining a spoiler, I won't currently be playing until spoil rates and drop rates are looked at and fixed. I'll gladly return once those issues and the more game breaking issues such as logins and queue kick outs are resolved. Increasing adena rates are the least of my worries at the moment.
  3. I agree. Fixing adena rates will be good in the short term run of the game, e.g. buying no grade and d grade gear. Past that and for the long term, it's all about getting full item drops and crafting gear. Prices for gear and mats sold from players will adjust to the amount of adena available from players with the current drop rates.
  4. Does the adena drop rates include broken spoil rates as well? Sure would be disappointing to get adena drops fixed but spoil rates not.
  5. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    I an very much hoping that there will be a mention about spoil rates as well...
  6. Unpopular Opinion

    Honestly, at this point, I'll just be happy to see that the spoil rates and broken xp of some mobs are fixed. I'll actually start playing again if that happens. At least then maybe I'll actually have a chance of crafting my gear.
  7. The Great Wall

    +1, very good post.
  8. It's Time

    I wasn't really expecting an answer during the weekend and it's still a little bit early to get an answer right now from their time zone. However, I as well, expect an answer or statement within the next few hours that will make or break whether I continue playing or not. Primarily bugged/broken xp on certain mobs, broken spoil rates, and to a lesser extent Adena rates.
  9. Honestly this. Don't have a huge motivation to play my spoiler at all when it isn't even worth it. Hardly playing at the moment while I wait for some statement on these rates. Really going to make or break whether I continue playing or not. This aligns with their push for forcing people into paying for vip to get those silver coins to trade in for mats since spoilers are pretty much useless right now.

    Juji stated on the vod from yesterday at 18:05 that the dev team was checking on rates.

    I believe that Juji stated on yesterday's stream that he was checking with the devs on current rates.

    I'm not too bummed out about not being able to play this weekend because of the current rates, especially the abysmal spoil rates. I'll be more excited when playing a spoiler is worth it again.
  13. [POLL] Create P2P server

    This honestly. +1
  14. Maybe I'll just have to try again when I get back next week. I just had absolutely terrible spoil luck when I tried.
  15. At least with a fixed spoil rate spoilers would actually be worth playing. I've received more mat drops from just killing the mobs than I have from spoiling.