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  1. Dagger oe d vs c

    Soulshot are not increasing damage depending on their grade. Soulshot will increase ur damage by 100%. OEing Cursed maingauche is a usefull thing to do if you can get as close as possible to any high-top C dagger in terms of p.atk since most of the time you will auto attack but you'll also trigger bleed. Since p.atk is not influencing damage on dagger, difference between blows with Cursed and Crystal dagger is close to 0. If you stab 1000 with Cursed you may stab 1010 with Crystal, maybe. OEing D, however, will now unlock a boost on SS' damages...it means that if you get stab with +7 D grade vs +0 C grade, the +7 D grade will probably hit harder than a C.