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  1. 99+ Leveling

    I have seen many ppl post about after 99 or 100 get ur credit card out to pay to level. What and were do you need to get/buy ?
  2. Can not resolve hostname

    Like now my account is up and running but my husbands account is saying the can not resolve hostname.😡
  3. Only been playing for like 2.5 weeks and and at lest 3 times the game goes down and when I got to resign in it says “ can not resolve hostname”. If have to wait over night before it works again. Is this something everyone has a prob with?
  4. I tried to do the quest with Herphah but one part requires a Attribute Stone that is more than I have. Is that the quest u speak of? i just got the Prestige Pack online. i just can’t figure on how to use the Blessed Scroll Enchanted Armor. Says the Paulina stuff does not meet the requirements for the enchanted spell book.
  5. I just made it to LVL 100. I tried to do a quest but it wanted a Attribute Stone that Cost more Adena than I will ever have. What do I do next? Just kind of frustrated I love the game but I’m lost on what’s next.
  6. How do you get more summon points when u run out?
  7. What’s the best armor and weapons for my character? I’m in process to lvl 100. I am still in the Paulina Twilight set. When should I upgrade and/or to what? Any help.. thanks in advance.