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  1. Bot system is pitiful

    if ur not expecting an answer why bother asking the question. There are better ways of letting that steam out, I suggest a pint of lager.
  2. dont forget to bring ur pk char to protect urself from pk that protects the bots... if that makes any sense ofc.
  3. Gludio Castle Owner is Decided!

    Good, now can u post this in the appropriate section of this forum?
  4. 25% of nothing is still nothing, im vip only for the exp and s.coins
  5. [PL] Polskie Community - zapraszam

    Spoko, a ty nie grałeś pod tym nickiem jako tank dawno temu? Coś mi się kojarzy taki dk co party pod Rb organizowal
  6. 5 days banned without support

    this must be the only game in the world where you are not allowed to automate ur gameplay yet you can still do it without any problems but if you want to play legitly your getting an automated ban, so who got better automated software, the botters running freely all over the place or NCsoft banning random folks. I think the botters, at least their software works!!
  7. EA SW BF2 loot boxes scandal seems like a child play comparing to what NCwest did to us.
  8. i didn't get any NCcoin when they unbanned my buffpet :((
  9. Anyone else get banned for no reason?

    well, all my NC accounts are legit in a way of true dates, addresses etc etc, sure some of them look similar, like i use same name with different email providers like for example grimsby@gmail.com, grimsby@hayoo.com grimsby@whatever.com. You think that has something to do with it ?
  10. Anyone else get banned for no reason?

    To be honest for the most time I too thought that there is no unfair bans, that all the cryin on forums is just ppl who cheated tryin to soften NC devs up. And then, I got banned too. Exactly just like you. I run duo, main + box SE, thought i might need a prophet in the future so i started leveling one, dropped some mage stuff and adena on new toon, dragged my SE for recharge and within few hours was closing on 19sh level. Then I did one mistake of leaving my fresh toon on spawn spot, western region TI to be exact, left my SE in town cus of laziness and went shopping, when I came back my SE was still in TI and the client with new toon was closed. Thats weird I thought, guess its just crashed, but then i got the message that the account was blocked due to suspicious activity. WHAT suspicious activity?!! Seriously the toon was left on spawn spot the worst thing that could happen to it is to be killed by someone or something. The only thing that comes to my mind is that it must have been reported using bot button, the captcha popped up while I was away and there you go, a ban. Funny thing is I dont even know how the captcha looks like, I heard about it obviously, but since I only run main+ one box all the time I have never been reported I guess. Of course, I wrote to NC explaining what happened, that was few days ago, and ...nothing, no reply on my ticket, zero, null. So it looks like I lost some adena and 6h of my life, which is not that bad, if this happened on my main I would just quit. So yeh, clearly bot button abuse or some other faulty ban system malfunction, no idea.
  11. camera bug ?

    yeh checked all, new firmware [logitech g305], tried all usb 2.0/3.0 ports, tried static drain all for nothing. Funny thing is that it works fine on my laptop with windows 7, but on a desktop, with win 10 it keeps happening all the time. And its only with L2, I have no other issues with other games or system in general. This guy here has the same problem I believe: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/4797-right-mouse-button-stuck/
  12. camera bug ?

    Hi, I got this weird setting/bug that really spoils the fun. You know when you click ur right mouse button and you hold it to look around, right? It is a standard feature, u hold the right mouse button to look around, ur game cursor disappears and u can use the mouse movements to look around, u can do this anywhere, everywhere, even during combat, running etc etc. Well.. for some stupid reason it gets stuck for me. Normally when u let go the right mouse button ur cursor appears again and u can no longer look around, but for me, it gets stuck and I have to press it again once or even twice to get the cursor back on again, it's extremely frustrating especially during combat. Any ideas? I tried ticking on/off all the options in the game, nothing helps
  13. ehhh, as always we wait for Korea to approve any changes.
  14. I'll tell you a little secret how the bot verification works at NCwest. First, you need to remember they are legally prohibited from interaction with players within a game environment, it is in their employee handbook and that's what they agreed upon signing a contract. Second, if you ever had a chance to visit their HQ at Austin, Texas, you'll know that there are no l2 dedicated GMs, there is a response team to handle everything related to violation of code of conduct which u agree upon every time you log in to a game, any NC game in fact, not just l2. This is just a handful of ppl, so for obvious reasons, there are systems put in place to automate the verification process, this includes the bot report button, xigncode3, and other "server-based systems" which I'm not allowed to name. The first stage includes xigncode3, which as you know is a "code inject preventer", as flawed as it is if you are stupid enough to use old l2walker you get a permanent ban, and there is no help with that. At the second stage, where the pattern recognition system kicks in, most of the "unfairly bans" happen, it is unavoidable, this system looks for any irregularities in your account, game behavior etc. If you fail to pass it u get an auto ban, you can then send a ticket and wait for the employee to manually check ur account. This is where the human factor comes in, the employee will verify the data and you usually have a good chance to get away with the murder. However, u need to remember they need to follow procedure predetermined by the company policy and if they find the data to be inconsistent with this procedure, they won't be able to help you. On rare occasions, the employee will log in to a game and watch your account for a certain amount of time, at this point, it is all up to you really, the use of VPN/GPN and even some ISP signatures makes it impossible for us to really determine the use of third party programs, so if the data tells the employee ur botting, and he sees ur running a party looking like a bot party, even tho ur not, you will get a ban. So pls don't play like a botter, don't be a self-sufficient machine, even if ur are allowed to do that, doesn't mean ur are meant to.
  15. eehhh, I start work 2h before servers open up, when I get home all my nicknames will be taken probably.....