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  1. For me is very strange that a person take the time to farm 4k of coal, iron ore and STEM (a total of 12k mats). I see a dwarf called **** on gludio selling this (in Talking Island). I see stores like this everyday. In my opinion, cases like this should be reported and checked to see if the work was done by bots. I only do this to help the improvement of our gameplay
  2. Thanks for the info, Unfortunately, me and my friends stoped to played, and we continue doing our lives like always (and we have NCoins in the game, but we care a shit about that). For obvious reasons; the handling of drop/spoil/adena rates, the incitement to pay, to became stronger and can continue the game (P2W, that destroy the beauty of the game), the queue. But if EVERYTHING is fixed, and the costumers restlessness continue being worked , we can considerate continue the game experiencie.
  3. We dont want to unistall the game as first solution, but in my case I'm not gonna play till this be changed. We want to be listened, anyone wants a pleasure experience, but we get cheated by NcSoft ... They just take the new L2 but till lvl 70 and called it L2 Classic, this is not classic, is in front of our eyes, we cant buy a bleeping sword NG or SSNG in the shop because the drop is extremly low (to foment donations ) .. every old school player dont remember a game like this ... Just think, they announced the server 1 month ago .. 1 MONTH, HOW MUCH WORK CAN THEY DO TO MAKE A Q
  4. Is simple, if the server is more hardcore, the people will need other ways to get his character stronger, so the people will purchase more and more and more... The adena/exp rate is very low because THEY WANT THAT THE PEOPLE BUY SS-NG/SS-DG and Xp/Sp Scrolls.. This is a market.. JUST MAKE THIS SHIT PTP LIKE WOW ...
  5. +1 !! Just make it ptp like wow (wow, the dominant of the mmorpg games today..)
  6. So you dont inform to 911 when a criminal makes a crime u because criminals are part of this world? bleep logic... I hate bots, i dont care if are part of classic or not.
  7. In Black rock hill, if u enter u can see this bleeper with 10 characters using skills at the same time, everyone following a bleeping dwarf, followed by elfs, dwarfs, orcs, humans, Classic Experience my balls. I have screenshots but idk how to upload
  8. Hi, good afternoon. First of all, i love this game, i love this classic edition. But i have an infernal problem... everytime that i log in into my account (any of my 3 accounts), i need go to the email and use the verification code... every time , this is insane. This is because i live in Uruguay, and here are Dynamic IP, which changes everytime. Please make verification code by email a optional security method !!
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