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  1. Not getting mad or defensive just making things clear. I understand ya now, also thank all of those who understand what I am trying to accomplish.
  2. I was referring to the M.Dmg taken once the debuff landed. Majority of tanks have high P.def and M.def is flapping out in the wind. Also mentioned that the items to increase your CON, like cape, circlet and jewels are a must in order to run all P.def/ M.def. However, because we acutally explained and talked about this topic in detail, I believe this will help other players realize the importance of using the forums! That was all, i guess while M.def does not prevent you from getting Magical Debuffs, it does help the reduction of M.dmg that comes after. Now, that CON helps the
  3. Its funny to see, that while i can acknowledge CON/MEN help against debuffs, that I can also place what MEN tats cover. M.evasion is important also, M.def is just for looks. Also i placed the link because I am using references to my comments. Just to be clear this was not and is not a jab at you, this is what i stated. Just please read what MEN tat covers, i pretty sure M.def is somewhere in that description. The debuffs you get in elven will not care about that CON!! Good conversation, tyvm. Note: The reason why i said M.def was because of what happens after you get debuff aga
  4. So did some digging , and based on what juji says M evasion is what decreases debuffs, could not find anything saying CON affects anything for debuffs. http://boards.lineage2.com/showthread.php?t=246920 Based of the character basic characteristics, CON affects the following: Max HP/CP, HP/ CP recovery speed, weight limit, shield defense rate. Now i did find out that MEN does help the following: M.Def, Max, MP and MP restoration speed, M. Cancel rate. http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/patch-notes/goddess-of-destruction/character-changes/ Also the
  5. Yea, next update is gonna require some tinkering to get set up right. Element defense is a key component of the survivability while your PvP/ PvE activities.
  6. At 102 you get sufficient AP to make a proper set up, at 104 your set as far AP are concern. Mdef is extremely important against debuffs, this occurs frequently in elven. Also the Bloody gear set up adds 20% Dmg mitigation and adds 10% HP so using rose (normal or barrier) is more than enough to sit at 130k ish HP. Now if you add the cape, circlet and jewels for brooch, there is absolutely no reason to have CON in your AP set up once 150k HP is ok. Now having that Pdef/Mdef boost, along with your items is a balance that keeps your tank funcional for all events. This is of course my opi
  7. This topic is to help ALL PvE players not PvP clans just to be clear. The answer to your question is no, however I dont understand what owning aden has to do with helping players. I am not trash talking, being emo or demoralizing anyone. Also posting about other topics that are not related to the topic presented demonstrates your lack of understanding and comprehension of what this message is trying to accomplish. So in other words this topic is intended to HELP players, not to express your frustration about ingame politics, and I appreciate if you restrain your future nega
  8. Gonna be completly honest here and give you a reality check on making adena ingame. The problem is not that you can't make money , the problem is how fast , and efficiently can you make money. Solo this process will take 1 year and half, maybe a little more. However it is possible in 6 to 8 months with a party. Farming epic tauti / octavis / istina, ekimus , normal tauti / octavis / istina with 300% drop rate helps increase revenue. This is due to the fact these are not raids that you must compete to enter or extremely difficult to do. Field bosses also drop decent items that
  9. Na man, game is getting real toxic and people need to understand this game is entertainment for fun with other players, not selfish vendettas. Also its boring as hell talking to the same people 24/7! So if i can help couple folks and get to know people here and there its a plus.
  10. Spellweavers is looking for players who want to exp, do factions, dalies and grind some exp. I am starting to recruit team leaders and people who wish to create a positive playing enviorment. The clan is level 7, i speak english, spanish and understand some Portuguese. I got crafter, buffer and support class for those who need help. Please send ingame email santiagovargas, hope to hear from ya soon, thank you all.
  11. Trying to use forums to get exp parties going. This will be for people who are having a hard time finding or making exp parties due to class or level. This is only for PvE players only. The following format below is to be used while using this request. Name Class lvl timezone/gmt playtime
  12. Man, ppl gonna hate me saying this however, it has to be done. As far PvE goes ALL TANKS i say again ALL TANKS can effectively tank ALL AREAS in the game if the gear, AP and skillset is being used in the correct manner. Now here comes the fine details, if you have a +8 bloody hvy set with bloody cutter (SAs: HP/ HP/Atk Spd , Siegel) and your AP are set for max Pdef/ Mdef at lvl 102 you can tank anywhere in the game. The +8 plain or dark with 3rd SAs and same AP set up at 102 ( with no fear) can tank also. However, if your 101 with +6 or lower its a difficult task to tank all
  13. The reason certain people dont want to play a support class is simple, they dont want to be co-dependant of other players. The tank in a functioning CP is a Key position, and requires a certain level of commitment to the group in order to be effective. Also being a support class that requires assistance killing Mobs at a decent rate, makes those players (who dont want to or know how to hustle exp) either look for other options or creates a feeling of being stuck. This Server is being affected by the imbalance of the Overpowered DD who can efficiently exp with a box buffe
  14. Hello Everyone Just wanted to point out some PvE / PvP details about which tanks are the best based on the situation. This (in my opinion) is the best fit for each type of tank. SK - PvE (1st) / PvP (Decent): .The 101 Aura combined with racial passive skills make this tank a PvE monster. This is due to the versatility of Defensive Skills and CC capabilities, it allows the player to effectively control the killrate. I hear in Korea a high number of tanks are SK. PK - PvE (2nd) / PvP (2nd) : Currently, the PK is the most Defensive well rounded Tank without any question. This is
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