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  1. I never played L1 or L2. About 2-3 weeks before Classic launch I learned of it, and i always wanted to try the old school version of this game as it sounded like something i'd like. I did some research, watched some videos and i was hooked. Pre launch, I got my Chronicle Pack, had money to obtain VIP 4 and got myself into what seemed to be a good fit of a guild. I "worked from home" on launch day, hoping the server would be up so I could play for a few hours before life responsibilities took over in the evening/night. It didn't happen, but i'm not a rookie for launches and know things happen. No biggie, I was able to work from home Thursday and Friday also. I was able to get on Thursday. There was of course the timer that limited me to make my character in about 0.7 seconds. But, got past that and I was on my way with my new found guild mates. Fun was had Thursday. I was a bit disappointed that I was only VIP 3. I really wanted VIP 4 as I don't have THAT much time to play games usually and the XP bonus would be appreciated. I tried 8ish times through out the day and was always met with an error message when trying to purchase. Worked from home Friday. Login..........and i'm banned. WTF??? My only course of action was to email their appeals team. I was banned for "...the account in question is blocked due to a billing issue..." Um.....ok, I provided them info that they had requested. Over the next few days correspondence went back and forth. A few things happened. My Chronicle Pack was refunded. I was told I was able to keep the items, as it was taken away due to their error, not mine. The billing issue got sorted out, and my account was unbanned on the night of 10/8. So, I lost about 4.5 days due to an error on their end. So, since my unbanning I was finally able to play last night. RIGHT? Here was me logging in last night: Wait in 440 person queue. Its my turn to finally login. "Client will close lol" God damnit, i'll just try again. Wait again in 440 person queue. Its my turn to finally login again. "Client will close lol" Ugh.... Wait in the 440 person queue......for a 3rd time. My turn to get in, "Client will close." bleep THIS! About 2-3 hours later, I try one last time. This time, I finally get to my character select screen. I have no characters, and immediately get the "Client will close lol" message. Well, I guess I still have a character........maybe. My GM sent me this. I'm Ilithiya. Nothing under activity, so, I guess my character still exists. But, I think i'm done. The game and people who i played with were fun. But I get my account banned for no reason. It takes almost 5 days to get unbanned, then I can't even bleeping log in. I'm telling this story so NCSoft can realize how some of their playerbase is treated. I have all my money back, so I think i'm just gonna part ways with this game. It seems fun, it seems like a game I can really just chill and play, with no stress and just grind with people on Discord. But my quitting has nothing to do with game mechanics, grind, drop rates and everything else. But it 100% has to do with systems around the game. GL, HF
  2. Its almost like its a North American server...............
  3. Also, I bought the $30 pack, how much NCoin would I have to buy for level 4? From the live stream, they mentioned that the $10 Journey Pack will get you VIP 1, and the $30 Chronicle pack will get you VIP 3. I read the FAQ, and didn't see this there.