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  1. can you please address the spoil rates/quantity..? How is it that a level 55 mob spoils ONE (1) iron ore... and not even constantly, I counted 100 monsters spoiled, got 5 iron ore....
  2. please do something about spoil rates T_T lvl 55 monster spoiling 1 iron ore....after killing 25 of them...
  3. please fix spoil rates and quantity -.- Level 55 x2 monsters spoiling 1 charcoal after killing 25....
  4. can you do something about spoil rates and quantity... this is ridiculous
  5. make tp free or lower the price // increase adena item spoil this is stupid T_T
  6. drops and spoil need to be increased for the areas that haven't been touched 40+ teleport price needs to go down, or fix drop rates....
  7. 1-Keeping teleports free for X weeks because you recognized there was a problem 2-Korea said you cant change anything and now you post this explanation? paypal chargeback incoming
  8. What about spoil rate/quantity // adena drops in all areas?
  9. agree 100% I wonder if they can't make any changes without approval from Korea? :thinking_face:
  10. Thanks for the initial fixes.. but why is this limited to that small set of zones... No Ivory tower, no Sea of Spore and no Alligator, no Cemetery nothing addressing spoil QUANTITY/RATE in general... all over
  11. what about spoil quantity? you mentioned rate but not quantity of items. also, that is a small subset of areas that are broken
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