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  1. My main is wynn 104 and it makes very low pve dmg. I have Bloody Retri +12 with 10.5% P.Crit Augment, Abun lvl1, Longing, +7 Shirt, Blessed Valakas, Baium Soul, AQ Soul, Ruby 3, Opal 3. Full buff with pom I get 28309 P.Atk and 493 P.Cri on me and 41826 P.Atk and 519 P.Cri on servitor. My attribute values is 390. I know I'm missing that 15% P.Cri on my weapon and Giant Critical Damage which is really needed for this class. I have dual berserker and I pve transformed with SOS. But I would like to ask you if there is anything else I can do to improve PVE dmg.