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  1. I started play on TI, but after it became unable to play there (because of queues), I moved to Giran and than Aden. I think queues is coming on aden now and i’ll stay forever 21 on all server. please no multi boxing, afk fishing and online trde atores. Please this 3 thing is killing the game.
  2. The queue is not real. Aden is free server, other two is for VIP only.
  3. aden is free server. other too are for vips only. theres no queue but they make it unable to log in.
  4. cya tomorrow guys. i know this will take whole day like usual.
  5. im lvl 20 and i have 0 drop yet. everything in store (shots, gear, potions...) is so expensive. how i can lvl up guys? i cant farm. 2 hit and i must sit to recharge. please give me advise. ty
  6. same happened today. cant log in. everyone has boxes, fishing afk and trade shops...
  7. and no boxes. it makes support classes useless and everyone has own box support.
  8. everyone plays with 3 box. thats why we cant enter into game + it became solo game no one needs support anymore, anyone have their own boxes.
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