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  1. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    Talking Island has 4.7-4.8k players on What happened to the 6.6k players on? I am sure this difference has nothing to do with bots.. They just create another char....
  2. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    After seeing a couple of e-mails that the support team sent to people complaining about unfair ban saying: We are not going to reconsider the account closure. Any further e-mail may not be responded. ( or smthing like that ) A moderator said on a topic about the Ban Hammer: please submit a ticket do the support team. These guys are really joking with us all...
  3. Request for all banned account

    LOL. NCwest support answered mails like this: We are not going to reconsider our decision of closing the account. Any further e-mail will not be answered. And you come at forum to say: please, submit a ticket? You guys are really joking. This cant be true. Don't you have a little respect for people who are spending thousands of USD at the server? @PhoenixMitra Please delete your post. It hurts to read such post.
  4. CP Archer Recruta WC / Archer (Br/Latino)

    opa , manda ts/discord pra trocar uma ideia. abs
  5. CP Archer BR LF > WC/SWS - TI

    manda ts/discord pra gente trocar uma ideia! abs
  6. (TI) CP mage recruta membros

    manda ts/discord pra trocar uma ideia plz! abs

    opa, manda ts/discord por privado pra trocar uma ideia

    tg0 , manda seu discord/ts pra gente trocar uma ideia!
  9. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    That can be true... But I can assure this friend of mine was not doing anything illegal. This guys is an old player. He have donated for thousands of Ncoins. He is smart enough to keep his account safe.
  10. Wts Plated Leather Set

    Plated Leather set - mail Superskol IG or send me a pm at forum Armor+3 Legs +0 Boots+0
  11. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    I didn't get ban or smthing like that. And what I can tell you is that a friend of mine that didn't use bot, that didn't buy adena , didn't buy power lvl, he wasn't doing anything wrong. Just playing the game like you and me are.. he got banned for no reason. As I said in a previous post I wouldn't believe that ncsoft is banning random people until I saw lots of post in the forum about it and after a friend of mine that is a legit player/costumer got banned. Trust me. Botters wont come to forum to complain about being banned, they will just create another account and bot again.
  12. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    Does anyone remember about my last post in which I mentioned that the consequences of banning random people would have a result? Talking Island has ~5k player on atm. It used to have ~6.5k players. At the forums all we can see are people complaining that they have their accounts banned for no reason. Lets do some reasonable math - If they ban an honest player --> they will probably loose the player that owned the account banned and its friends. If they ban a botter --> nothing is going to happen to their server`s numbers because a botter will just probably create a new account to bot again. That being said... What do you guys think that is going on ?
  13. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    This is so sad man. I am sorry to hear that. This is another example of the unfair way they are dealing with us.
  14. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    I would like to thank everyone who shared their views on this topic. It is important that we make sure that our voice is heard even if those who must pay a little respect to the community do not care about it. At least we're doing what we can. But the saddest part about all this banning random people issue is that they are losing players (ppl who play the game and that contributes to keep the server full of life and ppl who pay 20/30 $USD per month that contributes to the maintenance of the server and of the company itself) that were ok with playing on a server full of bugs and with a low cost customer service. I am sure that every company in the world would at least make some effort not to lose these loyal customers/players, but that's not what ncwest is doing ... so the consequences are hitting on its doors and its going to hit a little harder day after day. The last to leave please turn off the lights and make sure to shut the doors.
  15. My Lineage "classic" experience / rant

    +1 But some of the Devs thought: We are not discouraging people well enough. Then an intern walks in and says: We could start banning random people and this will also help the queue problems. At the bottom of the meeting room the phrase - Someone has to promote this guy! - was heard