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  1. Why just until 52? He can easily go nuke style till lvl 77+ then will meet magnus
  2. Edited 18 hours ago by @Aurinya Displaying real-life information ??? rly ?? these mail information were made up... lol... U took it so seriously... omg.. LoL
  3. Careful, personal attacks are banable. Dont worry, u didn't touch my feelings Gm's answer dont solve the problems.. they said lvl 70 cap. And on that lvl (76+) even 1 lvl difference making a huge advantage...
  4. What is great about it? They can be easily lvl 77, 78, 79, 80, etc but ok, w/o 3rd class transfer..... jupiiii
  5. This isn't about lvl 54-55.... But 55-56... They wrote it wrong as always... https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level
  6. Ok, if you have no problem with CDL, go to DV and hunt mobs named: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Thunder_Wyrm Top C grade weapons keys ~1kk+ each
  7. Use them wisely... If you have enough SP for next lvl with new skills then use them and save others for next skill lvl. Also depends on others party/clan members lvls. You may use them at once after lvl 61.(lvl60 is last lvl when you are capable doing FoM daily). It's up to you. Also you have to know on lvl 55 need ~135 exp scrolls to next lvl but on lvl 56 "only" ~77 exp scrolls.
  8. I think u should hunt mobs at your lvl range... White and green mobs is still better for CDL (Fline, Liele, Valley Treant) Will kill them faster = more...
  9. Most expensive char to exp solo...
  10. 2 types... u will find out what's a difference
  11. Stigma works for both types of attack
  12. 3y i've read this on another free server... pls noooooo
  13. Bish: 1. any one-handed mage weapon + shield 2. Karmian set PP: 1. sword/blunt/dagger + shield 2. Plated Leather set + karmian set if boxed devotion (moon) + any novice crap
  14. Put summon attack to skillbar, make macro /useshortcutforce 4 1 (any skillbar what you want), add your macro to skillbar. Have fun with PKing your teammates..
  15. Yes. It says: For 30 sec., Melee Weapon Resistance of the target and nearby enemies -16.
  16. @Grimblee No.. M. Atk. does NOT affect debuffs land rate, also MDef does not increase debuff resistance at all. For example, epic Jewellery influence on land rate...
  17. Agreed... I just show him how many options he has... I farm solo with C blessed spiritshots, beast soulshots, beast spiritshots and im ok and make profit...
  18. Farm without shots, make friends, exp in party, change spot. You have many ways how to farm. Faster with shots = lesser adena, slower without shots and/or in party = more adena and buy together what party need for better/faster killing...
  19. M. Atk. does NOT affect debuffs land rate...
  20. Only player aka summoner...
  21. My setup: +5WIT = More crits, more dmg, more heals (if u playing offhealer) Last slot can be +CON or +INT... It's up to you
  22. I think any onehanded mage weapon and shield...
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