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  1. Hi guys, first account runs perfect, but when I start to launch second account and then they both start to have freezies and disconnects. Who knows why?
  2. I just want to know time, not participate
  3. Hi guys, at what time start olympiad games on Giran servers who knows?
  4. Kick spammers pleeeeeeeeeeease in every city a lot of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I have a question for NC team who is more important for you: players who monthly spend money in your shope or botes? Many of those bots are from Russia and I still don't know why you didn't kick them? Why should I wait in queue with my vip, if you don't care about bots? Do you have bothunters in your company or not? And do restarts more often, because some of them don't go out from the game 24/7
  6. Who knows the skills Aqua swirl and Blaze can summons learn after 40 in this version 1.5?
  7. Hi guys, I have a question if I will buy a chronicle pack (30$), will it give me 3 lvl of VIP?
  8. I still don't understand, there is some difference in ping between these two servers? About time difference I know, but ping looks like the same in both of them
  9. Please remove looping macro. European server Skelth is a good example of how macro crushed the game totally
  10. Hi guys, I have a question: will we start in this chronice (Age of Splendor 1.5) with runes like Othell, sigel, Iss etc.?
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