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  1. My old memories of this game Lineage 2 Server Chronos Period 2011... 2013 Goddes of Destruction https://ibb.co/8M1jkv9 https://ibb.co/QJb9sYd https://ibb.co/DbyjTt7 https://ibb.co/xMsDYmP https://ibb.co/9vkJv0x https://ibb.co/D5xzJ6h https://ibb.co/0M2Qjr0 https://ibb.co/d2RTTJt
  2. WTB Siege Suport Box or 10.NCoin! I'm Payment using Adenas. COD + Price send Email for the lDazzel
  3. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, I realize that I am walking correctly on my equipment. I currently own these items, they were the ones I got so far with the little income I have in monthly "adenas", although it can be free (4B Monthly). Yul GS Lv108 / Othel GH Lv105 (Next Libra Red, change the Yul Monlight Sentinel. Iss Dominator Lv107 / Iss Hierophant Lv105 Cardinal Lv106 / Feoh Lv104 Agathion Áries +7 Cloak of Elmore +5 Krisha Thrower 2SAlv5 +6 Sigil Leviathan +4 Noblesse Circlet Authority +5 Earring Atlhas +7 Talisman Longing Ex
  4. Bow R99 + 7 Bloody + 2SA. something like that can help me. Because it has a more accessible value.
  5. if I exchange the Healer for a Tank, can I be able to kill in an area in Phantasmal? Or do I continue with my party? I need help, what is the best party with 3 characters to continue the progression. Currently I do all the nights with "Party Random", I just don't do "Isle of Souls".
  6. Hello everyone. I have a YUL-Lv108 + IssLv106 + Healer Lv 106. All are just EXALTED and do not use PRESTIGE What do you suggest me so that I can continue to progress in lvl and adenas drop by monsters, after the update I am having difficulty keeping myself alive during HUNTING. Any suggestion?
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