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  1. ok thanks just hard to find groups at this time im in australia so think every one i come across are all afking atm im just killing in war torn plains seems to be fast even with out using soulshots but ill make 2 more accounts tonight
  2. would it help if i made two more accounts and play with them as well of try find a groups?
  3. changed my weapon to +6 krishna dualsword feels bit better now but still die when go to areas that are lv 101 and im now poor again with the upgrades
  4. so made some adena from this event so brought amaranthine dualswords +7 and eternal heavy armour set 6+ all im playing a tyrr duelist was wondering if it get better now with that gear cause it still feels bad when killing maybe i bleeped up gear since im newbie lol and also would be better dmg if i swaped made my main a bladedancer instead?
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