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  1. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    To be fair if you are who I think you are you were one of the most hardcore players on devianne. Ofcourse you had your gear early and quick. Your average player though simply won't.
  2. For the sake of clarity

    True but back then you could train bots for gear if you got really desperate
  3. For the sake of clarity

    I actually had a dwarf. Two infact. A scavenger that stopped being viable last update and a crafter. I personally had no issues earning adena as i bought low and sold mats high. In addition to my dwarfs I was running decent support but that said thats far more than a casual player should have to do. Crafting and market manipulation takes more time and effort than casual players have
  4. Noone is asking for more than a 1x server. Its simple, while many folks are perfectly happy in their cp or repeating the spider quest thousands of times. (Which is what I did). Alot of us simply dont have the time or will power to play on a server that is not what it should be. I understand ncsoft needs to make a buck but as it stands buying VIP to take your drop rate from .5 to .75 (generous estimation) is asinine. In the games current state It forces casual players that want to advance to purchase soulshot. This is just simply not okay. In the classic experience it was supposed to be hardcore and it was. The difference was i could at a minimum break even while using soulshot and generally I would have a lucky full drop daily. Since moving to the current classic servers you cant even spoil at a decent rate with or without VIP 4. My point is this. Drops rates are obviously messed up. If this was intentional shame on you ncsoft. Nothing drives players away faster than shady business . I will be watching and hoping you will do the right thing so that myself an the 14 others I was playing with can return.
  5. This game is a joke

    Yea I had really high hopes. It sucks that they screwed the player base like this. I mean I hope they fix it but I doubt they will. All they need to do is atleast bring the rates to 1x and they wpuld have long lasting servers.
  6. Gonna happen fast. I'm already quitting as of today as is my entire clan. Were all adults with kids and wives now. Were not 15 to 20 anymore and just are not interested in a grind that is literally twice as difficult due to adena drop and spoil rates. Theres alot of people out there like us so id imagine queues will be gone before halloween
  7. because I know the auction house is out of the question. Would it be possible to do a plot rental system for shops in cities? for instance in each plot would be an NPC that can open a shop just like any one of us. The difference is that to run the shop it would take 100a per hour or potentially more depending on the value of the products you're trying to sell. Perhaps 10% of the total shop value per week that it is set up? meaning you have an object you try to sell for 1,000,000a and it takes you two days to sell the NPC shop (adena sink) takes about 28000 adena (sorry if the math is off im doing this in my head. Writing this out this actually might be a bit too harsh of a sink but im sure people would use the system instead of leaving their pc on all night clogging up the server or heaven forbid they might even actually play the game and level instead of worrying about selling stuff. I feel with a system like this it would allow for competitive markets that the AH does not allow for and most importantly clear up hundreds of player slots.
  8. IV played with plenty of euros in the past. Who cares if you miss the occasional seige. It's a game not life.
  9. Join Aden. Seriously stop whining, join us. The servers will eventually merge again anyway. Use some common sense.
  10. Woah, a whole 7 days of game time to hit 25 plus? Iv solo leveled a party to 22 playing an 1-3 hours a night. You have a cp, it would take next to near no time at all on aden for ya to get back to where you need to be particularly with the increased drop rates. Use some logic.
  11. You could I dont know join Aden, A server with no queue instead of complaining. Seriously pathetic to see this argument over and over.
  12. Right on I'll check it out a bit later. Got some modeling to get out of the way before I let myself get too distracted
  13. Cool, would be neat to meet a new bunch of folks assuming you guys are okay with a 3 hour a night player. Assuming I don't play smite or fallout 76 when that drops. Truth is I have a family and am in my mid thirties now so at most I would be a casual player if there is room for one. I really cant play anything hardcore anymore.
  14. So, what server were you guys from?
  15. Hi guys, I will be playing on talking island as of the third and am looking for a relaxed clan. I feel I would not be able to contribute more than 3 hours a day due to family obligations. The lil one and wife seem to eat my time that said I will also probably not be able to talk on discord though i should be able to listen. Anyway I have some experience as I played til just after interlude on the devianne server back in the day. I was formally cha0s an th in the mercenary clan which at the time of my quiting had folded into fate.