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  1. Interesting thread here. Summarizing, L2 is a p2w game (TOO MUCH P2W). Bare in mind that classic soon or later will become it too...In my opinion live server is much better than classic and I will give you a example to explain.. If you play as Sorceror on classic, I think you will have about 8 skills to use while on live server you will have many more and more gameplay ... The game is much broader, there is no way to compare. As someone told here, u should only play live if your focus is ENJOY THE GAME WITH YOUR FRIENDS, no caring about be stronger. If u want to have good gear, I hav
  2. Someone please tell me how to fix this error. I already tried to do everything (reinstall, repair, computer formatting...). Nothing helps. Waiting for someone reply. Thanks. https://prnt.sc/l6j835
  3. Seems like a joke when you tell me to open a ticket by website. Dont you read what is my problem?
  4. Hi there. I'm writing here for a friend because he cant log in on official website or forum. In game everything is ok, he is able to play. The problem is when trying to access forum or website (as you can see on link below). I tried to log in and some friends of us too.. Seems its is an account issue since nobody can log in this acc. Looking for your help. Thanks. "Something went wrong on your end. Please try again in a few minute". https://imgur.com/mTkMssP
  5. Imagine that you are a new player and are thinking about starting playing L2. You enter on the official website and you ONLY SEE THINGS ABOUT CLASSIC. You cant play salvation because you dont know that it exist. Sorry, but what bleep is that? Do you really wanna killl chronus and naia? At least players from chronus and naia deserve an equal website.
  6. Hi. My critical wound is not working anymore. I tried to use more than 20 times and didnt work one single time. What happenned? I'm using: Kelbim dagger - Soulshot and blessed soulshot R grade (event)
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