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  1. No you don't. Your sentence structure, punctuation and word choice clearly show this.
  2. I'm not receiving the confirmation email. I've checked spam folder and resent the confirmation 3 times and still nothing. Anything to help?
  3. D1sturb3d

    They're back!

    Oh good god, you're not kidding. In 5 seconds (3:12-3:17) he put token on 15.,..yes, 15, different people. Without a doubt he's using cheat software to auto token targets he takes.
  4. Don't you think this whole "winter is coming" or "hunger is coming" is reeeeeeaaallly overplayed? Can't you can be a little more original that a movie quote from over a year ago...
  5. Whether you're right or not, doesn't matter. The next game everyone goes to will have you, as a pve champion, still trying to troll those who actually pvp and matter in the game.
  6. Pitiful attempt to mislead people into thinking this is Ozzy from DH and trying to break up their alliance. -smh-
  7. Just so you're fully aware of how hypocritical you are...the clan you joined (Nova) is full of rmt'ers just like exeqtor. If you want to argue my fact..you should first check your own buy/sell forum. https://nova4life.net/forum/public-area/trade-and-sale and guess what? that dragon weapon that was sold out of dh by a rmt'er? Yeah, that buyer is in your clan too. If you've moved on to "bigger and better" things...why are you still posting in a dead servers forum to which you no longer belong? Let it go bro....
  8. Exactly...even a blind squirrel finds a nut. If you don't feed them a little, they'll starve and die off. (just like they did on Naia)
  9. 2:05.... for those not wanting to waste their time on a ridiculously boring propaganda ploy.
  10. you can always try to compound again till it fails, BAM...removed
  11. Correct, like augments are not stackable. You can have holy res +20 and holy res +10 and they will. I realized this long ago when I got Dex +1 twice and it didn't stack.
  12. Do you have another jewel with the same augment equipped?
  13. Riiiiiiight, and you're so pre-occupied with your high stakes tourny that you come onto the forum of this dying game (that you give "exactly" zero f*cks about) and post keyboard flames? ahahahahahahaha .
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