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  1. Hello there, I started 4 days ago. So far I've managed to figure quite a few things about the game, mostly thanks to the helpful people of my clan. I have decided to take the hard road, by running a dual box, instead of full party box. Do you think it would be much of an issue later down the road if I just play my dualbox?
  2. Cool thank you all! I am lvl 34, dual boxing for the time being. Adena is hard to farm, barely 600k on me. But i found a decent clan with active people in it who are quite helpful so far.
  3. Thank you for that information, I have figured some of the things. I come from EU Skelth, and another confusing thing to me is how to farm Adena, when the trade market is dead, due to nullified mat prices? Thank you!
  4. Hi guys im a brand new player here. Until what level would the fast exp newbie quests boost me to? I got my D grade armor, how to get weapons? Thank you!
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