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  1. I didn't receive any on one account. That's the thing...
  2. Yes, from what I see says: Subscription : 30 Day(s)Start Date : Oct 01, 2018Next Bill Date : Nov 01, 2018
  3. @Juji If I didn't receive the rune, what should I do? Open ticket?
  4. @Hime It took you a while to solve this problem... The 200% Drop Rune sounds nice if it stacks with the Prestige Rune, does it?
  5. @Hime @Juji Really? More than 48 hrs from the last update on this topic?!?!
  6. I'm starting to think that they need a bug report one each and every accounts we have and are affected by this problem... Maybe all of us opening tickets for the problem will wake them up...
  7. @Yidao Don't look at my forum profile in order to know when I started playing Lineage. I never needed a forum profile until this never ending issue. And just for your information my first account was opened in 2008 and I paid a monthly subscription for this game for 2 years. I never cared and will never care about their internal procedure. If the testing was done correctly before launching the Classic this discussion was not having place. As a paying customer in both NCoins and Prestige Packs I expect having the game with all the functionalities working as designed at the moment of the purchas
  8. @Juji @Hime Guys, do you have an update regarding this bug? It's over 21 hrs since the last reply. I can't believe that is that hard to fix a production bug. I have a hunch that the problem is with the regression testing. If that's the case, you should find a way to compensate... Also, having a time frame will help everyone to see that something is moving forward. Also, can we have a Moderator to delete all the off-topic discussion from this topic? As we all know this is a topic regarding a bug-fixing. So... let's keep it clean... Thank you!
  9. As I said before this is a discussion regarding a BUG. If you don't like the macro thing, go play on CLASSIC or start a pity discussion regarding a change. This is not a topic regarding suggestions, this a topic regarding a BUG in the production LIVE server. So: Bye! Bye!
  10. @Juji Thanks for the update! As I understand the patch is not yet ready for deployment... Any idea on a time frame?
  11. This thread is about fixing a bug, not changing an existing feature. If you want a change, go to a suggestion topic.
  12. @Hime It's over 13 hrs since the last update... And that wasn't a real update with a proper ETA... There are over 36 hrs since the bug was reported and nothing changed... The weekend is coming and a lot of people are waiting for this to be fixed...
  13. He didn't say anything about high prices, this discussion is about a BUG on the Live server. If you know how to do it, you can take very easy the spot of an AFK without PK-ing him. You don't like the macro, don't use it... It's plain and easy... Nobody forces you... I came back to L2 because of the macro loop. I don't have so much time to grind and the macro loop enables me to play while on another display I'm working... On the other side, you don't want macro loops, go to Classic... I understood it won't be implemented there... yet... Bye! Bye!
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