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  1. You had over 3 weeks to buy them and the login issues were fixed about half way through that.
  2. For everyone crying about Adena/drops you're literally a delusional monkey. Spoil is the only thing that could use a slight bump. If you cant handle the rates because you all spammed 30/40% XP scrolls and AI/FoM quest XP scrolls its not everyone's fault you cant afford to do anything.
  3. Auction house is literally RMTers dream. Nice one
  4. This is how spellbook drops are in Classic. Buckle up
  5. Classic 1.5 does not mean the rates are 1.5x lmfao. Please do your research before you come on here crying about stuff you do not know. Classic 1.5 is a PATCH. Classic 1.0 is the version of the game when it was released. 1.5 was the first major update. The problem is this isnt 1.5. Its more like Classic - Antharas patch (not to get confused once again with the old chronicle when antharas was released) with stuff taken out.
  6. 1 - Bots will just have more full drops than you. Dumb idea. 2 - Adena is literally fine. You people crying are probably the people who rushed level 40 spamming your EXP scrolls and now cant afford ports. Im sitting on 1.5mil raw adena and level 50+ 3 - Full drop armor and weapons are supposed to be low lmao. Do you want gear just handed to you? I am sure you can find some private with GM shops if you dont like RNG drop % 4 - Something actually useful. Yes, the PK/Karma system is awful but at the same time if the old system was in place you would cry later on when someone PKs yo
  7. We all know they exist in the game code thats not the point lmao but thank you for your insight for those who did not know they existed.
  8. Then please enlighten me why no one else is running around with the duals. Do you think they were the chosen players to receive the swords over all others? lmao
  9. No you dont get free SLS duals at level 40. What he forgot to mention while trying to tinfoilhat was that this exists ONLY on the EU servers. NOT HERE.
  10. Someone want to take a look at this or is this you doing some "internal testing"? This is on Talking Island. As soon as people discovered they left their spot.
  11. They would need to fix their auto lock/ban for people logging in from multiple IPs before doing that.
  12. More and more accounts being locked/refunded without any word from Support or NCSoft regarding what the issue is. If the pack sale time is not extended I will personally not be playing here probably along with most people locked out of this.
  13. Carry me? You sure your tummy isn't still hurting after that subway you pussyboy? You aren't even close to my level.
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