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  1. Thank you for help and suggestions. Now i know, it's lost case. And when i realized, there is no weapon/armor penalty, I just couldn't believe. I never seen that even on the most craziest priv servers. For newbies who don't buying adena/coins/vip/whatelse to get exp boost and eq, is just wasting a time. I don't mind games p2w, but L2 cross the borders of that. It's just sucking money from ppl, and the worst way, feeding on sentiments and good memories. They killed all fun, can't anymore enjoy simple gameplay. I can't even count no more, there might be future for L2, maybe ne
  2. Hi. I wonder if is any sense to start play L2 now. I don't wanna put any $ into game. Server is 2 years old so not many new players i guess ... I used to play healer but that was years ago. Is there any future for bishop? What lvl he may starts be needed?
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