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  1. robes all the way u need mana pool and casting speed
  2. maybe its how you said ...the game changed a lot since 10 years ago when i was playing ...but on all Big servers that i played like Dexternet etc.(because i didnt have the money to play on official) i never saw a sws running a dagger at end game situation/olympiad. Gaming changed a lot sincer 10/15 years ago when i was a kid and playing l2 like crazy so if ppl found out that dagger and shield is the best combo ...then its possible i only know that for me Dragon slayer + augument critical chance+ tallum worked very very good anyway maybe i learned something today ...and if i will ever have t
  3. it made sense in my head to speak about worlock and sorc because both are from wizzard:))) so Warlord.....i actually think its made for pve only ....good for aoe but i would pick sorc all the time ....i dont kinda like the Warlord
  4. its not about that mate u crazy? its about when ppl are on so u can party and have fun ...and socialize
  5. dude i\m at +2 gmt ...i cant play -4-5gmt and 2nd thing is i bearly have time to play on 1 server i dont want to make lvl on 2 servers
  6. I played Sws for years ...its my favorit class and i test it with all kind of situations so I will write about weapons below and u can decide for yourself Dagger with focus how suggested up ....its a stupid thing to do because with dagger your accuracy its very very low and u are not a DD , your Patk is crap and you have to accept your role as suport. The only thing u can do in a PVP group is keep the buffs up , harras the Healers and u cant do it with low accuracy from dagger and no masterry for dagger Blunt in my personal opinion is bad couse you Critical chance is low with a blun
  7. depdens what you like to play nobody can decide that for you i'm in the same situatian as you but i lean to play a Sorcerer Worlock on this server is kinda of a Solo character ....he can buff a littel his pets but better is to have some PP buffs at least. I can add that if u play an reach the KING and Queen PETS he becomes a monster but on 1x its extremly hard Socerer is Solo and Party character....solo also he needs PP buffs for a decent experiance sesion I will Choose Sorc couse i rly like the animations and i think its a litter more fun
  8. it happend to me the same thing ....i buyed with card but i didnt saved the transaction code ....and now it dosnt apear anywhere and i cant make another purches couse it givees me a Error. I also write a ticket for Ncsoft and still waithing to be resolved PS: its more then 24h since i have the problem
  9. hmmm the problem with log in was solved for few days and now its back again ????!?!?!?!?!?! 900 ppl in Queue for Giran
  10. come on stop with the DA ....yes its good in 1 vs 1 for the panther but thats it ....for me hes not even a tank. SO if you want a good tank good for pvp you can choose DA/SK but if you want a goood tank that has survivability choose PALA/TempleKinght
  11. 180 players in QUEUE on Giran loooking goooooood no vip status
  12. Birdy

    Server queue

    i\m so glad i lost my Devotion free set waithing in Queue !! great job NCsoft couse farming on 1x its so easy :))))
  13. i dont need to convince you about anything mate ....if u are old player how the bleep can you accept and defend the multiboxing when REAL PLAYERS are waithing in queue 7..8h .....??? and 2nd when you know clearly that in this game you have to intereact and everything ?1/! beats me
  14. BTW progamer ....Question -- my main class that i played for years is SWS...amazing class to be honest, how the bleep should i play SWS on 1x when everybody has his own box with buffers :-?? considering that i\m not 15 anymore to aford to play 10\12 hours per day ??? what clan would say .,..aaa you play 1h ...you are good for my clan :))) be real kid and start thinking what you sai
  15. nooo man ....rpgmaniac thinks this is hardcore -)) he dosnt know what it means to play teleport from town to town at low lvl trying to make your quest .....or waithing be BOAT to come or farming without SS....or selling buff in front of the major farming grounds!! anyway RPGMANIAC keep up the good work u are hardcore with 5 boxes
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