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  1. Warcryer vs Overlord?

    No one will take an OL because the buffs only affect clan members and will not buff parties... its a terrible flaw for the OL which makes it unplayable unless you have a CLAN CP... thats the only time its worth it.
  2. Overlord fix please!!

    For the love of god please let overlord buffs affect parties.... they are currently unplayable without a CP in the same clan... its really dumb. This 1 buff would not make them overpowered but would keep them useful for the entire game... @Hime
  3. 3 questions. Any help is appreciated.

    Do we know if the buffs will ever?
  4. 1. Does an OL buffs work on a party member or just clan members only? If not, Will it ever? 2. Offline afk sell/buy/craft shops? 3. Active gm’s online noticing all the bot trains already running? Thank you very much for the help. twitch.tv/Paramatic343 (if you’re bored AF)
  5. Na... they took too many monthly $15 payments from me in the past for me to pony up any more $ to ncsoft.
  6. How are SK's in classic?

    Hows the warlord stun? Cant you just stun lock anyone and win in pvp?
  7. pns

    Its 12:41pst in California... im pretty sure that’s officially “Afternoon”
  8. pns

  9. In california it is 12:36pm.... bout that time eh ncsoft? @Hime