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  1. Dont like it? Dont play? Simple really : )
  2. Archers should always use daggers til they can sustain the cash flow
  3. Juji already confirmed its 5mins, dont answer something if you dont know the facts please
  4. PW has the highest success rate of all the blow skills....
  5. Look up class skills on l2wiki, have a good sesh on there and then decide
  6. Yes i sat here refreshing the page just waiting with my little teeny weeny hand ready to click... It was a facebook post
  7. You could also argue that is their own fault for leaving it to the last minute to purchase? I now how slow tickets can be processed so bought mine WAY ahead of time. Its just common sense, leave something IRL to the last minute to organise and expect it to go belly up. Lesson learnt for these folk perhaps? Or do we all just have to suffer their forum whining now?
  8. Must just be the people doing clearly suspicious activity such as buying 9 accounts!
  9. SKs debuffs are very powerful and can make a strong opponent very weak.
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