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  1. @Jujican you help my ticket? sent a message, your gm's said it was fixed but it isnt because they misread the email.
  2. This is something that needs to be addressed asap, you can easily do it from your end.
  3. Ticket put in on Oct 6th 3 am. Still blocked from website, can log into. Cannot apply codes or post on forums with main account. Cant buy ncoins. Why no response?
  4. they probably refunded you and reopening your account.
  5. I would like to know if the issue of flagging people so they cannot log into website for unknown reasons are being worked on? I put a ticket in, they fixed one but did not fix the other. This means I can't apply ncoins or buy ncoins. This honestly makes me scared to play, is it going to happen again? Will they unblock it next time? Will they unblock it now? My fear is that I have no idea when it will happen again, or why it even happened to begin with?
  6. you have really no idea of the impact of what you are suggesting. and it will not happen. In fact it is 100% stupid.
  7. Korea, who made the rates did not make money off the terrible drop rate, NCwest did. So it was not about seeing what they could get away with, for Korea anyway. Ncwest, sure.
  8. Any item that is buyable in L2 and tradeable is the same as buying adena.
  9. We have the original Korea classic rates. They are unsustainable and have been changed due to massive complaints. I believe you can reach out to NCkorea and obtain the correct drop table for 1.5 classic. When skelth opened they opted not to take the orignal korea classic rates because of the fact you can not sustain. This was done to prevent botting, however, the flaw is this. 10 adena is worth the same as 1000 adena based how easy it is to obtain. So it will never stop botting/sellers on this alone. Same amount of time is the same dollar to them no matter what drop rates are, because
  10. So, what you are saying is put adena in the l2 store so players can buy it? What a moron. Get out.
  11. @Hime my friend had his account banned, but refunded the pack. He didn't even get the chance to make a character or log in past que. He lives in Canada but travels to Serbia for business. Serbia isn't on the banned list, is he ok to play?
  12. Don't forget to mention that they will have to spend 10k USD to get the proper gear from l2 stores to be competitive.
  13. Stormie, this is what was replied to my ticket of unable to log into website. Hello,Thank you for your patience while we looked into your issue.Reviewing your login attempt, it appears that it was flagged for security reasons that prevented you from logging in. This could have been a result of high risk characteristics of your attempt or due to past associations with compromised accounts or devices.Please understand that it is a violation of the User Agreement to transfer or share game accounts (except for a legal guardian allowing their minor child to play). The fact is that there are se
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