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  1. No he's not right. Most of us are trying it to see if it's worth 5 bucks. And it definitely isn't.
  2. @HimeThe cause: When I try to log in and fail several times, I give up and try again in few hours. Then it tells me account is in use and exit. So it only logs me out when I try to log in again. So all those failed to log in are counted as "Logged In"
  3. Here's the problem @Hime. If I try to log in and fail several times. I give up for few hours. And then try to login and it says I'm already logged in and tells me to exit. So only when I try to log in again, it logs me out. Server is counting all those who failed to log in as "Logged In"
  4. This is already done. Xigncode3 prevents running more than 1.
  5. I almost feel like I'm banned. Can't get in.
  6. That wouldn't be Lineage 2 and certainly not Classic. Fix it by getting bigger server. Not removing people.
  7. Let me guess, dev's are all located in Korea?
  8. Talking Island server. Eastern time zone. Character name: Nuker
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