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  1. Don’t get me wrong i love solo exping as much as the next guy but if there’s going to be an explosion of RMT, bots, a lack of support mains, and a inflated economy, i would prefer not to be accommodated as opposed to seeing the game slowly die and crumble apart. And whoever bots with a VIP 4 account would have to take a large chunk taken from their profits and more so if they are banned and need to pay 4000 nc coins to get a vip 4 status again.
  2. If you open a server with so many free boxes not only are u going to promote killing support mains but you will be promoting rmt and bots. You need to give normal players a fighting chance against people who are going to no life and spend 12+ hours a day in this game and the big whales who are going to pay to win. Blocking ip of countries like Russia, China etc helps but you are forgetting that countries in South America like Venezuela Colombia etc are going to live selling gold or selling items. I know personally many of them who make a living from RMT and trading accounts with mul
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