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  1. Alliance Question

    Great! Thank you!!
  2. I know you need to have a clan at level 5 to create an alliance. I want to know if you have to be a level 5 clan to JOIN an alliance? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.
  3. TH for return to game??

    Hello Minoss! I started a TH myself when I started. It is still very fun but challenging to level early on unless you have a support box (second account running buffer/healer). They get really strong around 55 though and are one of the best 1v1 melee classes out there! Play what you enjoy, even if its hard, it will be worth it in the end!
  4. Awwww man.. I got up early just to play! Guess I will go run some errands so I don't have to later
  5. I found one of these.. it disappeared when I died. Opposite of what the description said.
  6. L2 pokemon GO Players?

    Not necessarily. Pokémon was huge when I was a kid.. 15+ years ago. So age groups are about the same id say.
  7. Looking to add more friends.. add me with code 6111 2095 3038. Lets play L2 and Pokémon GO!
  8. I am trying to run one more L2 client so I can level 2 characters at once. It isnt working for me though. Please help!
  9. Verification Code NEVER COMES.

    I can't log in either. Not getting any verification emails.
  10. Verification Email server appears to be down. I haven't received a verification email in over an hour.
  11. Where are the patch notes? I dont see anything for classic posted..
  12. @Juji Can you please give us a time for when the launch will take place? I have to work tomorrow and I need to know if I am going to miss it or not